My teenage daughter has Down Syndrome. Her doctor told me that once she turns 18 I can’t make her health care decisions any more. Is that true?

My teenage daughter has Down Syndrome.  Once a child becomes 18, she is an adult in the eyes of the law.  If your daughter isn’t able to make some or all of her life decisions, you can ask a court to let you make them for her.  Attorney Harvey can work with your daughter’s doctor and her team at school to determine which decisions she can make on her own and which she cannot, based on her unique capabilities.  We can then request that the court give you (or some other trusted person) authority as guardian or conservator to make only those decisions, whether medical or financial, that your daughter cannot make without your help.  Depending on your family’s situation, you may also consider establishing a Supplemental Needs Trust for her benefit so that you can supplement any governmental benefits that she may receive in order to provide for her needs that those benefits do not provide.