My wife and I own everything jointly. Why do we need a Will?

My wife and I own everything jointly.  Why do we need a WillBecause you own all your assets jointly with your wife, once you die, everything will automatically belong to her.  That sounds good, but it could cause problems depending on your circumstances.  If you pass away and your wife is in a long term care facility or needs to go to a nursing home after your death, then all your joint assets will be attributable to her for purposes of MassHealth eligibility. In order to be eligible for nursing home benefits under MassHealth, an applicant must have assets of no more than $2,000.  Without a proper estate plan, everything you and your wife have worked for may have to be used to pay for nursing home care, with little or nothing to pass to your children or grandchildren.  If your wife passes away before you do, you could face the same situation if you suddenly owned all the assets outright and you needed long term care.  In addition, if either of you passed away without an estate plan, the state would determine how your assets would be distributed among your family, and it may not be the way you would prefer.  Harvey Law Offices can work with you and your wife to establish an estate plan specific to your family’s needs and circumstances.