How Harvey Law Offices Can Help Your Family

Harvey Law Offices focuses on assisting elder and disabled clients maintain their independence and their assets to the extent possible. Attorney Harvey regularly appears in probate court to obtain guardianship and conservatorship authority for family members whose loved ones are no longer able to make their own decisions. Whether your family is dealing with an elder who has been diagnosed with advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, a disabled child who is reaching adulthood or someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, Attorney Harvey can help you handle the legal details so you can focus on your loved one.

Harvey Law Offices also works to avoid these situations by proper estate planning, such as wills, durable powers of attorney, health care proxies and medical care directives. Attorney Harvey also advises families of children with special needs to properly plan for their child’s continuing needs and goals. She helps protect assets through the use of wills, trusts, including supplemental needs trusts, transferring or re-titling property and other methods so that if long-term medical expenses or nursing home care is required, your family is prepared to deal with the cost.

When the time comes, Attorney Harvey also assists families in getting a proper personal representative appointed to administer the estate of their deceased loved ones. Attorney Harvey advises personal representatives and their families in navigating the probate process and settling the estate, including selling real estate, negotiating the payment of debts, distributing any inheritance and resolving family disputes. When necessary, she also litigates probate matters that cannot be settled among family members. In addition, Harvey Law Offices often collaborates with personal injury attorneys to assure that personal representatives are appointed to advocate for injured parties and to ensure that the injured party receives the maximum benefit from any personal injury settlement funds.

Attorney Harvey most frequently practices in Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk and Norfolk County Probate Courts. Call today to see how Harvey Law Offices can help your family.