Probate Law and Litigation

Probate Law includes all aspects of the law that relate to families and their interactions with one another.  The Probate Court oversees these cases.  Harvey Law Offices handles probate work that relates to wills, estates, guardianship, conservatorship, trusts and probate litigation, but not divorce or child support cases.  Attorney Harvey represents families and their loved ones in obtaining guardianship and conservatorship authority for those individuals who have not already executed a health care proxy or durable power of attorney, or for those individuals who have never had the capacity to execute such documents.  She also advises families concerning the probate process and working with the families and the Probate Court to get a Personal Representative appointed as soon as possible.  Once the Personal Representative is appointed, Harvey Law Offices also assists that person in all aspects of her duties, including opening an estate bank account, obtaining an estate tax identification number, filing all required court forms and eventually distributing the assets of the estate among those named in the Will or the legal heirs if there is no Will.

In those instances where families cannot agree on certain aspects of probate law such as the proper guardian or conservator, whether a will is valid, or who should receive distributions from an estate,  Attorney Harvey also represents family members in resolving those disputes through probate litigation.